Air Conditioner Replacement Service in Halton, ON

Hot summer weather tends to creep up in Halton. The transition from pleasant spring rain to a summer heat wave is short and having energy efficient air conditioning is the best way to be prepared for extreme weather during Ontario summers. That means you might need professional air conditioner replacement if your system is failing.

Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.

There are many strategies for staying cool in Halton. Cold water gives people instant heat relief. A complex network of carefully placed fans might cool down a home. Public cooling centres offer comfortable places to relax. An air conditioner unit combines all those effects into one convenient cooling solution. An amazing cooling system is a perfect HVAC addition; old, broken, inefficient AC is the exact opposite.

Your local HVAC service professionals at Aire Serv of Halton know exactly what it feels like to have ancient HVAC equipment rumbling away while it fails to provide any acceptable level of relief. We've certainly saved many locals from old units with our AC replacement service. Outdated AC is a constant source of stress for people in Halton, but that's not the only reason homeowners choose to get air conditioner replacement services.

People in Halton use our air conditioner replacement services to solve a wide range of problems. The benefits of getting a newer cooling system often outweigh anything you might get from an older HVAC system, and there's no reason you should continue suffering from problems associated with an unsatisfying, unsafe, outdated, damaged air conditioner unit.

Air Conditioner Replacement Service

If you want new, energy efficient AC, Aire Serv of Halton can help! Our team is ready to help you pick a unit with the right BTU for your home—and then set it up! The only thing you'll have to worry about is setting your thermostat.

Our HVAC service professionals are experts when it comes to getting people in Halton what they need. We'll take the time to help you consider your home's space, the amount of people living there, each room's function, and the other factors that are important for picking an ideal unit. Once that's done, we'll handle every step of your air conditioner replacement—from initial set-up to taking away the old unit.

Should You Get Air Conditioner Replacement Service or AC Repairs?

Unless you're already a Halton HVAC service professional, you might be struggling with the decision to replace your older air conditioning system. Is air conditioner replacement really necessary, or will repairs be enough? That question doesn't have an easy answer. Every situation and system is different, but there are two factors you should consider. Taking the time to think about those important details will help you make the perfect choice.

Important Considerations:


Most residential cooling technology only lasts from ten to fifteen years in Halton. That's with routine AC maintenance and timely repairs. Some systems last longer, but fifteen years is our general benchmark for AC lifespans. After a decade, failures and malfunctions become more frequent—and more severe.

Fifteen years might not seem like long, but consider the effects of daily use, especially during high-use periods. Constant operation is equivalent to constant pressure. AC parts aren't everlasting, and that daily wear drastically reduces their lifespans.

If your existing unit has passed its fifteenth year of service, you should start thinking about your options for replacement. It's only a matter of time until repairs won't be enough to keep it working. Preparing for that day will make your replacement decisions much easier.


Cost is a broad category when it comes to Halton HVAC solutions, so let's break it down to make every element easier to consider. Cost has three important dimensions: repairs, installation, and operating cost. Consider what you're currently paying and what you're expecting to pay for each one.

  • Repairs: If you're scheduling frequent appointments for air conditioning repair to keep your cooling unit working, you should start thinking about the benefits of air conditioner replacement. Those benefits will also be significant if the amount of damage to your unit is so severe that the price of repairing it would exceed the cost of replacing it.
  • Installation costs: This will vary based on the model and brand you choose, but you should still consider installation price. Are you prepared to purchase a new unit today, or would it make more sense to save dollars by getting short-term repairs? If you're unsure, advice from Halton HVAC service professionals will help.
  • Operating costs: These have a direct connection to efficiency for all HVAC equipment in Halton. Is your current SEER score significantly lower than the average for new air conditioner replacement options? In Canada, current federal regulations set the lowest acceptable efficiency score at 13, but many new systems have higher scores. A higher SEER score means that your unit will use less energy, which means you pay less on monthly energy bills.

What are the Options for Air Conditioner Replacement in Halton, ON?

There are four options available to homeowners in Halton. Each option comes in different shapes and sizes—with different BTU ratings and SEER scores—so be sure to consider all the important factors and pick the superior option. Bigger is not always better. Some residential properties in Halton are served more effectively by compact, efficient systems.

Packaged systems: Packaged units are large appliances that contain all the components necessary for cooling. They're normally only used for commercial properties because they require ductwork and should generally be installed on flat roofs.

Split systems & ductless mini-splits: This option splits cooling between two units. The indoor section takes care of distribution and filtration, and the outer section contains the condenser and compressor systems. These two sections are connected by flexible copper tubing, so they don't rely on existing ductwork.

Portable, window, & wall units: These options are easier to install, replace, and move around, but they offer more limited cooling effects than the powerful alternatives listed above. They're ideal for smaller spaces—or for adding more specific climate control in one room.

Evaporative “swamp” coolers: Evaporative coolers work just as you would expect, by evaporating water in the air around your home. Through that process, they force warmth out and bring cooler temperatures in. Unfortunately, they also add humidity, which means they're not ideal for humid climates.

Why Choose Aire Serv of Halton for Air Conditioner Replacement?

Vetting your Halton HVAC companies is important, and we welcome the opportunity to highlight our strengths. As your locally owned HVAC service provider, we've been helping people in our community with cooling, indoor air quality, and heating services for many years. Our local expertise makes us an excellent choice for air conditioner replacement, and we're dedicated to helping everyone in our community breathe easy!

In addition to our experience and expertise, you also get the benefits of our three core service principles: upfront pricing, anytime service, and guaranteed satisfaction. With our honest, upfront pricing model, you never have to worry about hidden fees; our anytime commitment means that our help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and our satisfaction guarantee means that you'll always get exceptional customer service, reliable work, and lasting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioner Replacement

How long does air conditioner replacement take?

AC replacement is often completed in less than a day. The exact length of an appointment depends on available space, system type, and other factors like existing ductwork. In some circumstances, full replacement may take longer, but your service professional will inform you if that might be the case.

Can you do your own air conditioner replacement?

DIY installation is an option for experienced homeowners replacing their portable and window units. For split systems and any central packaged systems, you should ask for help from experienced HVAC service professionals.

Unless you're familiar and comfortable working with electrical systems and refrigerants, replacement for complex units should be handled by a professional. There are even benefits to professional installation for those smaller options.

What is a SEER score?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It's the measure of efficiency for both heat pumps and air conditioner equipment. A higher score means that your unit uses less energy, which results in lower energy costs.

What is BTU?

BTU stands for British thermal unit, which refers to the amount of energy needed to change temperatures. In the context of cooling technology, it refers to how much a system lowers temperatures in one hour. Many homeowners in Halton have made the mistake of choosing an option with excessive BTUs, which results in increased wear and reduced efficiency.

How much does air conditioner replacement service cost?

The specific cost of installation depends on which system, brand, and model you choose. The state of your other existing HVAC systems might also have an effect. Without speaking in person, it's difficult to provide an exact estimate, but you'll always get an upfront estimate from us. With our replacement services, you never have to worry about hidden fees.

Do You Need Air Conditioner Replacement Services in Halton, ON?

The HVAC professionals at Aire Serv are here to help! Our team is ready to give advice about your options and provide outstanding service for your air conditioner replacement.

If you have more questions or need a convenient appointment, contact us!

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