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Indoor Air Quality – A Home Health Secret

Despite recent awareness of the need for and the building of more energy and cost efficient homes, there is an increased cause for concern regarding the proliferation of indoor air pollutants and the poor quality of air within many homes. Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air within and around a particular building in relation to the health and comfort of the occupants residing within the respective building. Carbon monoxide, particulates, bacteria, or other mass or energy stressors that affect health conditions are all indicators of poor indoor air quality. Seemingly severe, these indicators are quite simply caused by either a lack of circulating air due to a limited exchange of indoor and outdoor air or the unclean state of a home’s air filters. Both problems are simple to fix.

Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning of Caledon-King note that maintaining and cleaning a home’s air filters and purifiers systematically will help eliminate indoor air pollutants that may cause flu-like symptoms and respiratory irritation. Along with frequent vacuuming and dusting, experts at Aire Serv understand that air filters have evolved to not only keep your furnace clean but to now also remove dust particles from the air. As a result, air purification systems are becoming standard in homes as a stand-alone item or paired with an air filtration unit. Both are used to address the three main pollutants that can be found in a home: dust particles, microbes, and toxic chemicals. These air purification units prevent pollutants from entering through your heating and air conditioning system, therefore keeping the air in your home clean.

When looking at a home’s air filtration and purification system, Aire Serv also recommends inspecting and cleaning your ductwork. Another simple solution for homeowners is to leave a door or window open for a short period of time to allow moisture building up in your home to escape. Aire Serv’s 24/7 emergency service guarantees your comfort in every season. You can trust them as your preferred heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) company, in the Caledon and King areas for: service, routine maintenance, installation, and/or when updating or repairing any of your system.

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