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  • Furnace vent on roof of residential home.

    High Efficiency Furnace Venting – Ensure Your Family is Safe

    Furnaces have come a long way in recent years in terms of both efficiency and safety. High-efficiency furnaces are one of the most ...

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  • Gas valve on a residential heating system

    Is Your Furnace Gas Valve Bad? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Test It Yourself

    One of the most common problems that gas furnaces experience is a gas valve that has gone bad. While it might be tempting to try ...

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  • The word ‘Canada’ written in snow next to ski equipment.

    How to Prep Your Furnace for Canadian Winters

    Now is the time to think about what this winter has in store. As temperatures begin to dip and snow is soon to follow, making sure ...

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  • Technician cleaning burner area of a natural gas furnace.

    The Ins and Outs of Annual Furnace Cleaning

    One of the most important systems in your home, your furnace or central heating system may run for several thousands of hours ...

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