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  • Furnace vent on roof of residential home.

    High Efficiency Furnace Venting – Ensure Your Family is Safe

    Furnaces have come a long way in recent years in terms of both efficiency and safety. High-efficiency furnaces are one of the most ...

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  • Gas valve on a residential heating system

    Is Your Furnace Gas Valve Bad? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Test It Yourself

    One of the most common problems that gas furnaces experience is a gas valve that has gone bad. While it might be tempting to try ...

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  • Technician fixing a gas furnace.

    Factors to Consider When Replacing a Furnace in Canada

    If you’re checking out this article, it’s likely because you’ve run into some trouble with your furnace and are thinking about ...

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  • Man removing a dirty furnace filter from a home HVAC unit

    Furnace Filter Replacement - How Often Should It Be Done?

    The filter in your HVAC system serves a few particularly essential functions. First, it helps keep your system operating ...

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