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  • How to Test a Thermostat

    Are you concerned your thermostat may be on the fritz? It’s time to find out how to test a thermostat to put your mind at ease or ...

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  • How to Clean a Humidifier (You Really Should!)

    Humidifiers are known for making it easier to breathe and increasing the quality of the air in a home. Humidifiers are even known ...

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  • How to Prevent Mold in Humidifiers

    Sure, you love your humidifier, but when was the last time you cleaned it? An uncleaned humidifier may quickly become home to ...

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  • Can You Use Tap Water in a Humidifier?

    Sure you can use tap water in your new humidifier, but should you? Probably not! Tap water may cause unnecessary wear and tear on ...

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