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Blog Posts in 2020

  • Why Is a Furnace Heat Sensor Important?

    Have you ever heard of a furnace heat sensor? This little device, also known as a flame sensor, is an important component inside ...

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  • Help! My Furnace Fuse Keeps Blowing

    If your furnace keeps blowing a fuse, it is important to act quickly to find out what the problem is and to get it taken care of ...

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  • Why Does My Furnace Keep Tripping the Reset Button?

    A furnace reset button is an important feature included with your HVAC system. Designed to quickly shut the unit off, the function ...

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  • How to Clear Smoke Out of a Room

    From a closed flue to a small cooking fire, smoke is unwelcome in the home and may be harmful to your health. Clearing your home ...

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