Now Is the Time to Replace Your Furnace

Here at the end of summer, the sun is still shining brightly, the days are still long, and your air conditioner is still working hard to keep your home comfortable. Why would you even consider a furnace replacement this time of year? Winter is still several months away!

It may seem untimely to replace your furnace in the summer, but a furnace assessment at the end of last winter may have revealed that your heating system is no longer performing up to your expectations. If this is true, then now is the time to replace it, long before you need to run the furnace for the first time this fall. Here’s why.

Save Money on a Furnace Replacement

Just as retail stores don’t have room to display out-of-season clothing, HVAC manufacturers can’t justify keeping last year’s furnace models on the show floor when the latest versions arrive in the fall. You can take advantage of this inventory purge and strike a great deal on an off-season furnace replacement, whether you aim for the highest efficiency equipment you can find or you opt for an economy model.

Replace Your Furnace When it’s Convenient for You

Spring and fall are the busiest times of year for HVAC companies. After all, these transitional seasons are the best time to schedule annual maintenance, and this is also when people can no longer put off replacing the heating or cooling system they’ll need in the upcoming season.

However, at the end of summer, things slow down, and technicians have more availability before the fall rush. This is good news if you want to schedule your furnace replacement at a time that’s convenient for you.

Take Your Time Researching Options

If you’ve already had your heating system for two decades, that’s about how long gas furnaces last. You could give it a chance to work out its problems this fall, but you run the risk of a breakdown and the need to schedule emergency services. It’s much less stressful to begin researching the right furnace replacement now, when it’s still hot, so you can take your time and feel confident about your final selection.

Begin the Heating Season with Worry-Free Savings

The average life of a gas furnace is about 20 years, assuming you take care of it with routine maintenance and filter changes. Even when it was new, its efficiency rating was probably no higher than 78 AFUE. Due to performance losses over the years, your 20-year-old furnace probably performed at about 60 percent efficiency last winter. If you upgrade this aging unit to a new 92 AFUE furnace, you can expect to save about 35 percent on your heating costs going forward!

In addition to substantial energy savings from day one, you can also rest assured that your new furnace will function smoothly for many seasons to come. On the off chance that it does break down, the warranty should help cover the cost of replacement parts and labor. This provides the peace of mind you long for as life gets hectic in the fall.

Ready to Replace Your 20-Year-Old Furnace?

Perhaps you still hesitate to move forward with a furnace replacement on the off chance that you might get one more year out of your aging furnace. However, if your energy bills have been on the rise and home comfort has plummeted, it’s time to upgrade to equipment that can keep your home comfortable for less!

If you’re ready to explore your furnace replacement options, please schedule a free in-home consultation with a professional Aire Serv® technician today.

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