Dad Wants: A Cold House

How often does Dad complain about the house being too hot? If he’s like most dads, he wants a cold house this Father’s Day, and that means the air conditioner needs to be running smoothly. Why not offer him a gift that helps him stay cool this summer without sending air conditioning costs through the roof? Here are five ideas.

Smart Thermostat

If your dad still uses an old manual thermostat, blow him away with a smart thermostat for Father’s Day. Even if he already controls the temperature with a programmable thermostat, trading it out for a smart version is a worthwhile upgrade.

Internet connectivity allows for thermostat control from anywhere. Your dad can check the temperature on his way home from work to make sure it will be comfortable when he arrives. He can monitor, track and chart energy use through the smart thermostat to help him identify ways to save. Self-learning models even start to automatically adjust the settings based on your dad’s routine to maximize savings and efficiency with no extra effort on your dad’s part.

Bladeless Fan

There’s nothing attractive about an oscillating fan sitting in the corner of the room, but bladeless fans like the ones from Dyson have a sleek, modern look and provide all the airflow of a powerful fan without all the noise. Plus they consume up to 40 percent less power than typical fans.

Your dad is sure to love this gift, which gives him the ability to keep cool without spending the money to crank down the thermostat. As an added bonus, bladeless fans are safe around children and pets since they lack the traditional spinning blades.

Cooling Neck Tie

If your dad is notorious for getting overheated while everyone else feels comfortable, provide him with a unique way to cool off without freezing everyone else out: a Polar Cool Tie. Once your dad ties this unique piece of temperature-control clothing around his neck, he’ll stay cool all day long – no soaking, ice or refrigeration necessary. Your dad can wear the bandana-like neck tie around the house or while out and about to help him stay cool despite the summer heat.

Tree for the Yard

Stand outside in the late afternoon and assess the house. Is it in the shade? If not, and the situation allows for it, consider giving your dad a tree this Father’s Day. Help him plant it in a strategic location that will provide shade during the hottest time of day.

Blocking the sun reduces solar heat gain and prevents the air conditioner from working as hard to keep the home cool. Of course, allowing the sun to enter in the winter provides free heating. For this reason, planting a deciduous tree is best, since the foliage blocks the sun in summer while bare branches filter in sunlight during winter.

Air Conditioning Maintenance  

Maybe you’re not a heaving and air conditioning technician yourself, but you can give your dad a voucher for A/C maintenance this Father’s Day if he neglected to get the task done earlier in the spring. Making preventative maintenance a yearly habit helps the unit run more efficiently and cool more evenly. It also helps catch problems early before they escalate into expensive repairs. Clearly, a gift of preventative maintenance is one that keeps giving all summer long.

If you’re interested in giving your dad a programmable thermostat or air conditioning maintenance for Father’s Day, please contact Aire Serv®. We can provide these products and services to help give your dad exactly what he wants this summer: a cold house.

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