Technical Talk: Winterize Your HVAC System

It’s important to know how your heating and cooling system works. One of our franchise consultants, Tommy Dutton, is here to give a brief overview of some questions you may have.

Q: How often should homeowners schedule professional maintenance to be performed on HVAC systems each year?

A: Twice each year, once for heating and once for cooling.

Q: What are some steps homeowners should take to winterize their HVAC system?

A: Be sure to keep leaves that may fall from trees from collecting on or around the system. These may clog condensers or fans and restrict airflow. Be sure that gutters above the unit are clear and free flowing. Water overflowing into the system can cause electrical problems and icing problems for heat pumps.

Q: Should homeowners cover their outside unit during the winter? Why or why not?

A: Yes, if it is only an air conditioning unit, protect it from leaves and other debris. If it is a unit that heats and cools, it should not be covered in a manner that restricts airflow but still offers protection. There are products available to prevent debris from falling into units that will not affect operation.

Q: What are some ways homeowners can cut electricity costs during the winter months? Does Aire Serv help homeowners identify and repair air leaks around doors or windows?

A: Be sure that your home is properly insulated. Also, be sure that doors and windows do not leak air. Aire Serv can help with Home Energy Efficiency tests and leakage. Even more important than window and door leaks is duct system leakage. That will waste more energy because the duct system is under pressure. This can also affect indoor air quality. Use programmable thermostats to set the temperature back when you’re gone for a few hours. Keep filters clean, and have systems tuned up twice a year for maximum efficiency.

Q: What’s a common safety hazard that homeowners should remember about HVAC systems?

A: Fossil fuel furnaces can emit Carbon Monoxide (CO), which is an odorless deadly gas. Be sure to have your home tested for CO and have CO detectors installed.

Q: Does Aire Serv have a Winter Maintenance service or plan?

A: Yes, Aire Serv’s Advantage Plan will provide two annual tune ups which will keep your HVAC system in top working condition and provide discounts if you need a repair.

These tips are important to follow, but make sure you know when to call for professional help. Aire Serv is always ready to answer your heating and cooling questions. Call your local Aire Serv today to schedule an appointment!