Dryer Vents and Fire Safety

What Dangers Are Lurking in Your Dryer Vents? That sumo-sized lint bunny in your dryer vent isn’t cute – he’s dangerous. Jammed into your dryer’s venting system, he thumps property owners with more than a hundred million dollars in damage annually, causing dozens of tragic deaths and hundreds of serious injuries. Giving him the boot isn’t a matter of aesthetics – it’s an issue of fire safety.

An Unexpected Infiltration

Cleaning your lint trap regularly, you may be surprised to discover only about 25% of lint from your clothes is caught inside the dryer. The rest escapes into the vents. Out of sight and out of mind, this hidden and highly flammable lint is the leading contributing factor to the ignition of dryer fires in residential buildings. Inhabiting your vent system, it not only creates a fire risk, but forces your dryer to work harder to do its job, shortening its lifespan and raising your energy bills.

Clearing the Air

In addition to posing a fire hazard, all those dirty lint bunnies blocking your dryer exhaust can force carbon monoxide into your living space (on gas dryer models). Moisture damage caused by trapped lint and lackluster venting can also result in damage to drywall, ceilings, wall paper, and other building materials, increasing the risk of mould, mildew, and ultimately rot. Compound this with long, overly complicated systems with tons of clog-inducing bends, twists, and extensions traversing walls and ceilings, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Exterminating the Problem

If you can’t remember the last time your dryer vent was cleaned out, chances are you’ve got a herd of these guys crowding your venting system. Luckily, vent cleaning offers an inexpensive and effective fire prevention solution. Unfortunately, DIY attempts can compound the problem, compacting lint and increasing fire risk. Fortunately, with the right tools equipment, your dryer vent – and the lint bunnies inhabiting it – can be professionally cleaned in about 30 minutes or less, without leaving any mess behind, and in most cases without a soul setting foot in your home.

Ready to Kick Those Lint Bunnies to the Curb?

At Aire Serv®, we service all kinds of vents – not just the ones attached to your heating and air conditioning system. Schedule your professional dryer vent cleaning, and start cashing in on the benefits:

  • Increase ventilation and performance
  • Protect against carbon monoxide danger
  • Ensure fire safety
  • Reduce drying times
  • Lower energy use
  • Protect the lifespan of your appliance
  • Ensure homeowner’s insurance compliance

Improve the safety and efficiency of your home. Contact us today. Or, for dryer vent safety, visit the Mr. Appliance website for expert advice.