Choose the Right Blanket

With wintry winds and plummeting temperatures quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare for the colder weather. A cost-effective and easy way to do so is by choosing the correct blanket. Let Aire Serv help you prevent the high costs of utility bills with these simple suggestions!


When it comes to blankets, the type of material used makes a huge difference. Depending on the texture desired, here are some of the more common types:

  • Fleece
  • Wool
  • Chenille
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere
  • Silk
  • Down


Consider the time of day when choosing a blanket:

  • At night, a thinner blanket will encourage a better sleep cycle.
  • During the daytime, cuddling up with a thick, fluffy blanket is always comfortable and cozy.


  • Throw- Typically 50” x 70”, perfect for arranging on the couch, oversized chair or on the end of the bed.
  • Twin- 66” x 90”, sometimes sold as oversized which is great for tucking underneath the mattress.
  • Queen- 90” x 90”, easily works for a full-sized as well.
  • King- 111” x 90”, anything larger than a king size should be measured.


  • Hypoallergenic options are available in most bedding products.
  • Cotton, organic cotton, bamboo and silk fabrics are all great options.
  • Keep pets away from your most-used fabrics, especially those who shed.

To keep your heater working well this winter, reach out to the heating professionals at Aire Serv for all your heating maintenance and repair needs.