Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

As we coast through spring's unpredictable weather and shortly approach summer, many are affected by different allergens floating through the air. Although Mother Nature has blessed us with beautiful plants and trees, many of us are sensitive to the irritants they expose us to and suffer from asthma and allergies. They can’t avoid allergy pills and endless boxes of Kleenex. How nice would it be to help reduce the side affects of spring and improve your home's indoor air quality? For first timers, not knowing how to allergy proof your home here are a few steps and precautions you may take to keep your home allergen free!

Keep the dust at bay.

It is important to keep your home healthy and dust free! Spring is often known for spring-cleaning, but I’m sure many of us homeowners don’t think twice about changing our vents and filters. We have dust particles floating everywhere through our vents that can be causing simple symptoms of sneezing, to terrible colds. When looking for a filter for your home, try looking for HEPA filters, as they are more likely to collect small pollutants and particles.

Wash your sheets.

Something as simple as cleaning your linens once a week to control dust particles from moving around sporadically, and also, if you love your feather duvet, think again! It is terrible for those who suffer from asthma and allergies; you may want to try synthetic materials.

Upgrade your carpet

If your home still has carpet, it may be a good choice to remove carpet and add hard wood or laminate floors. Carpets trap dirt and dust and other household allergens. If changing carpet is not an option, as it can be costly, a good carpet shampoo here and there should eliminate part of the problem.

Use your air conditioner

During pollen season, it is a good idea to crank that air conditioning, and close all the windows in the house to avoid pollens from entering your home. If your home is slightly older, mould and condensation may occur, so ensure to clean windowsills.

Boundaries for your pets

Lastly, many of us are known to be animal lovers. Not saying to get rid of your beloved critters, but at least keep them out of the bedroom. Keeping your pets clean will eliminate dander that their fur may be collecting.

Happy spring-cleaning!