Poor Indoor Air Quality is Hurting Your Health

By Maddie Ogletree

The threat of poor indoor air quality is a health issue you can’t afford to overlook. Pollutants and allergens in your home or office can cause issues such as asthma, headaches, nausea, fatigue, an increased risk for lung cancer and more. Realizing the severity of the risk and taking action to protect your health is vital to avoiding these threats.

So what steps can you take? Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you stay healthy in your own home.

-Regular dusting and vacuuming will help you to get rid of some of the allergens in your home. However, regular cleaning does not reach the particles that cling to your carpet and furniture below the surface.

-A big contributor to those allergens found in your home are your beloved pets. With regular grooming and bathing however, you can keep the allergens at bay.

-Opening up your windows and letting in the fresh air is an easy step to rid your home of built-up pollutants. Especially as we move into warmer months with spring weather, this is a simple way to improve your air quality.

-There are also a few appliances that can help you out, like an air purifier and dehumidifier. They will reduce the amount of pollutants in the air and help keep them from thriving and increasing in your home.

-Make sure you have the right air conditioner for your home and are using the proper air filters. It can seem like a daunting task, but having the best-suited system for your home will make sure you stay healthy. Changing your air filters regularly is a must-do step for safe indoor air.

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