Common Misconceptions about Going Green

Thinking about making your home and life a little greener this St. Patty’s but afraid if you aren’t independently wealthy with endless free time, it may be a wasted effort? Fasten your seat belt and don’t let those misconceptions hold you up. Your next stop, a greener home and life, might not be quite as hard as you expected.

Ditch these common misconceptions for a greener home inside and out!

#1: A newer home would be more energy efficient than my older one.

Newer homes are larger, more architecturally complex, and chocked full of electronics. Instead of thinking newer, focus on selecting the size home that is right for your needs, as well as the most efficient appliances you can afford. Investing in an energy audit and performing those recommendations can lead to a truly green home, regardless of age, as well.

#2: Green insulation is expensive.

Guess what? All insulation is green, including the less expensive kind as well as the fancy new biodegradable options. Why? Energy savings is what matters. The more heat and air you can keep in your home, and the less you have to run your heating and cooling system, reduces both your carbon footprint and your energy bills. If price is holding you up in your effort to better insulate your home, go with the less expensive option now.

#3: Adjusting my thermostat wastes energy.

Maintaining temperature in your home does not use less energy than adjusting your thermostat when you leave the house. According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), leaving the thermostat turned down for those eight hours you are gone saves more energy than it takes to bring your home back to temperature. Be stingy with your heating and cooling bucks and go green with a programmable thermostat.

#4: Any product with an eco-friendly label is a worthwhile green investment.

Lots of companies are trying to cash-in on the green movement. However, just because the label says all natural or eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. To avoid getting tricked by less than honest marketing tactics and truly get the green items you are paying for, watch for these labels:

  • Energy Star

    As your source for energy-efficient home solutions from air conditioners and dishwashers to light bulbs, Energy Star products meet strict E.P.A. and Department of Energy criteria.

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

    FSC certified forests and products from paper and printers to pulp mills employ sustainable management practices, protect indigenous rights, and more.

  • Good Housekeeping Green Seal

    These products meet criteria for the original as well as meet green composition, manufacturing, and packaging criteria.


    This nonprofit certifies building materials that help protect indoor air quality from emissions and outgassing.

  • Scientific Certification Systems

    This independent company certifies products ranging from food, forest, floral, and more for environmental friendliness, sustainability, and food quality.

#5: Maintenance takes more time and money than it saves.

The routine maintenance of all of your appliances is triply green, keeping energy costs from operation low, prolonging the need for replacement, and keeping items out of your local landfill. This is especially important for large and expensive appliances, such as your central heating and cooling system. Simple DIY maintenance such as changing your air filter can reduce your heating and cooling bills five to 15 percent. Annual professional maintenance can save you even more, especially when it comes to prolonging system life and preventing expensive and harmful refrigerant leaks. When it comes to maintenance, remember the old adage: pay now or pay later.

#6: Just one person can’t make a difference.

You may be just one person, but you can inspire change in your family, friends and coworkers. Your actions, combined with the actions of others like you across the state, country, and globe over time add up, exponentially impacting the earth and future generations. Step up and take responsibility for yourself and the earth.

Add a little green more green to your home, your checkbook and the earth. Contact Aire Serv® today.